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Morpheus Academy of Hair + Beauty | Hair Short Courses
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Hair Short Courses

Up Styling Courses

People entering the industry wishing to learn the skills of hair styling, Makeup Artists wanting to learn hair styling as an extra service to their clientele or for photo shoots, magazine and television work. Apprentice and qualified hairdressers wanting to expand their skills in Bridal, Formal and commercial hair styling.


  •       Blow-drying techniques and brush control
  •       Classic Bridal Styles
  •       Funky Modern Styles
  •       Fitting Veils and Accessories
  •       Hair Analysis
  •       Creating styles from a picture


This course also includes the analysis of different hair types, face shapes and client needs to create the perfect style every time. Time management at weddings and photo shoots as well as effective consultation techniques.

4 Week Course

Course Cost: $1195.00

Time: 3 hours per lesson

Date: Day or Night

One On One

All About Braids

Braids are one of the most popular styles for all ages but one of the styles that a lot of people don’t know how to do.


Our “All about braids” class will teach you some of the most popular braids, such as classic, fish tail, upside down braid and inside out braid.


A fun class to attend with a luved one, friend or learn on yourself.


Nibbles will be provided.

3 Hour Training Session

Course Cost: $75.00

Time: To Suit

Date: One On One

Hair Extensions Course

The course is a 1 day’s course, TAPE EXTENSIONS. We also demonstrate how to cut and blend hair extensions correctly. We do not teach fusion and Glue methods as seeing the damage these methods do to the hair we only promote the safe methods. The maximum amount of students to a class is 10. This is so we can give students all the help and support so they can reach their hair extension goals.


Included in our price is the basic starter kit.


Our course has been carefully put together so they are easy to follow and meet all the criteria required.


Our educators are all cert IV Hairdressers with Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Work books have to be completed by the student, consultation, colour matching and applying hair extensions correctly and safely. Photographic evidence is also required on the day.

1 Day Course

Course Cost: $990.00 includes Kit

Time: 9:30pm-2:30pm

Date: TBA

Personal Grooming Workshop



This course consists of learning how to do your own GHD Curls, Straightening techniques and basic Up-Styles with learning the basic fundamentals of caring for your hair.


Lunch will be provided.


Then enter the world of beauty and learn about skin care and cleansing and how to choose the correct foundations for all skin types and tones, then learn how to apply smoky eye on yourself.


This course is suitable for all ages and is a benefit to know to groom yourself for functions, interviews or just day to day life events.


Contact Sophie 0409 919 230 for further information.

1 Day Course

Course Cost: $99.00

Time: 10am-3:00pm

Date: TBA

Bridal Hair & Makeup Course

Enter the world of hair and makeup…

This course has been designed to teach you how to professionally provide bridal hair and makeup services.


Makeup services include skin prep, flawless base, contouring, camouflage makeup, eyebrow shaping and highlighting, false eyelash application and eye makeup. Bridal hair includes professional and classic up styles.

5 Week Course

Course Cost: $1195.00

Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Date: TBA

Want to find out more about our courses? Get in touch with us today!